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Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Day

4-12-10 Olline's school picture

4-12-10 Melina's school picture

4-18-10 Our hiking trip

4-17-10 Olline at her swim meet in Spokane

4-18-10 Melina doing her butterfly at Whitworth, Spokane

Good Morning to all. This week has been filled with great weather, busy family outings, and school! Last weekend we were able to go out for a hike all together. It was so much fun and God blessed us with great weather. Chowder even came and he was a very happy dog!

Also that weekend the girls had a one day swim meet back at Whitworth College. They did very well. It was a long and exhausting day, but we made it home safe. Melina was so tired she fell asleep on our way home! She NEVER does that! I will try and post some pictures of our weekend.

Melina had her ISAT tests these last two days! We are so proud of her. I do not know the numbers yet, but she scored advanced on Language Arts, perfect on Math, perfect on Reading and she scored basic on Science. The Science test was new, so every one that took it scored basic or below. It just feels good that she is learning and doing so well!
Also, Olline scored super high on her reading test that she took Tuesday. Her "bench mark" was suppose to only be 53, but she scored 69! She is a good reader. So proud! This homeschooling think must be working! PTL!

So today we will be schooling. The girls will go swimming later. I wanted to let our families know that Jade and I have decided that the girls will not be swimming this May-July. At least that is our plan for now. We will be taking a big break from it and hopefully start back up in August. It will feel weird and we will miss it, but summer is coming and I know we will be swimming a lot in the lake!
Also, I am going through the photos I took of the girls "school photos". I will get wallets and different sizes soon to share with all of you!
So, I better start up our schooling plan for the day. Hope all is well with our families! LOVE YOU ALL and GOD BLESS!

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