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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthdays and Easter

4-4-10 The LORDS Easter Sunday and Olline's 7th Birthday!

4-3-10 Melina blowing her eleven candles out!

I am having difficulty downloading more photos. I will try more tomorrow!

Well this has been a big weekend. Melina turned 11 on the 3rd and Olline turned 7 on the 4th! Can you believe how old they are getting? Jade and I both are amazed. They are such beautiful, strong and sweet girls and we are super proud of them.
We took it easy this year for the birthdays. Melina said she liked it "quiet", not having a lot of people. Melina opened gifts in the morning, then we went to lunch at Jalapenos, then she spent some "birthday" money! When Jade got home we all went to the movies and saw "Alice in Wonderland"! It was fantastic! After all that we came home and rested, then sang Happy Birthday and had cake and icecream. It was yummy. Melina also stayed up till 11pm, on her 11th birthday!

So then for Olline's birthday we sort of did the same thing. Although we did wake up to some snow! Jade also had to work and he was able to attend the 5am service on TOP of Schweitzer mountain! He said it was gorgeous!
There wasn't a lot to do on the 4th, being that it was Easter and most places were closed. So she was able to open presents, eat lunch at McDonalds, then spend her money...then when Jade got home we went back to the movies and saw "How to Train Your Dragon"! It was also fantastic! Jade loved it because it had great Viking stuff in it! So now we are home and we will be getting the cake ready soon!

So I believe the girls are so very happy! Also happy today for the fact that we get to celebrate our Lord! To celebrate HIM and all he has done for us! He has RISEN! Thank you Lord for all your blessings.

I will try to post a few photos. We pray all our families are well and had a fantastic day! LOVE YOU ALL!

Thank you to Sugar Meme and Big Boppa for all your love and for the gifts you sent to all of us! Thank you Meme and Papa Nicholas for all your love and the gifts you sent for the girls to use as they choose. You are all wonderful family and we are so THANKFUL for each of you! What a super family we have!

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