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Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 107:1

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sick, Snow, School, Swim, Ski

Just an update on things happening around here. I have been sick for a few days now. The ol' sinus, headache, ookie feeling cold! Again! I think this is my year for colds. If I could get rid of the headaches, I would be so much better. I think today I do feel a bit better than the last two days. I was able to teach school a little bit and move around a lot more.
Thankfully I have Jade! He is my blessing and he does so much for us. He was able to go snowboarding today! Very happy for him. We have been receiving so much snow and the mountain must be so fun to snowboard on! (I am talking many FEET of new snow on that mountain.) So Jade ran up there and took a few runs. He also has taken the girls swimming for me. Pool rooms and headaches do not mix, so I am grateful that he is with them and allowed me to stay home.
Girls are preparing for a swim meet on March 12 & 13. We will be at Whitworth College for this one. It should be a great time and the girls are always excited.
So here are my photos to share...

2-28-11 My tulip is starting to die, but isn't it beautiful? I love their smooth petals.

2-28-11 Yesterdays snow! The flakes were so huge! It snowed most of the day and still is snowing today!

You can see our deer target is starting to be buried. So I assume by his legs, we have around 2 feet. Maybe 2 1/2...

Just another flower moment! I love them and they are so colorful! Can't wait for spring!

2-28-11 Here are the girls school picture I took one year ago, I believe in April 2010. Haven't they grown up? I will be getting ready to take their April 2011 school pictures soon. I just like to do it after they age up in April.
We love you all and hope your days are well. I know that some of our family have been receiving so snow as well. Maybe it has changed to rain by now. I know it has been warmer at our house and our snow is on the edge of being rain.
God bless you all and may you remember He loves you always!

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