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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swimming, School and Losing Teeth

Daily Bee Newspaper clip of Melina and her team! 11-25-09

Melina during her Cheney Meet! 11-21-09

Today is Thanksgiving! I hope and pray we all remember to be thankful to our Lord first and foremost for all He has done for us! We love all of you and hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving. We just ate our dinner, full of everything you could imagine! It was so yummy and now we are fat and full! Can't wait to eat pie! LOL!

Just a note...Melina did so well at her Cheney "Turkey Trot" swim meet. Melina, Olline and I went over to Cheney with our dear friends, Shannon and her girls, Emily and Sarah. Melina and Emily raced on the 21st and 22nd. They did so well and placed super good times. They were even mentioned in the newpaper on the 25th! SO COOL. I will try to post a photo of it.
That weekend Olline was trying so hard to lose her front top left tooth! It just wouldn't come out. So that even on Sunday when we got home she had a sandwich for dinner...she called me and ended up losing her front top RIGHT tooth! What? That is so strange. That left one was hanging on by a thread. So the tooth fairy came that Sunday evening! They next evening that Left one finally came out and the tooth fairy visited again! So poor Olline is super toothless! She has no top front teeth and as you can imagine she is talking a little funny. When I get a photo downloaded to the computer I will post a picture.

It feel good to have a couple days off from school. I know the girls love that. However, our schooling seems to be going great. Couldn't ask for better. Our Monday Co Op has ended (last Monday the 16th) and I am looking forward to having those Mondays to ourselves for awhile. Although the girls really love going and they do have great friends there.

Just keep in mind for prayers that Olline will be having her first swim meet on Saturday, Decemeber 19th! She will race for the first time. Melina will be swimming as well. We will be driving to Moscow, ID again, but for only one day this time! SO FUN!

Love you all and our prayers are with you! God Bless.

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